We Deliver

For busy individuals who would like to enjoy this luxury of tasty and wholesome meals! We Deliver!

For many, ‘driving all the way to us’ is doing just fine, but now we’re helping even more customers across the city save time with this fast, simple and easy way to order food.

That’s right. We deliver. Simply call us or send a whatsApp message to 0785220125/6. This allows you to enjoy meals in the comfort of your homes or offices without having to travel.

Many have busy work schedules which leave them with hardly any time to go out and order a good meal.

Our meals are cooked from scratch with healthy and essential ingredients once a booking has been made. Therefore the best time to make your order would be 40 minutes before your desired time of delivery. This will give us ample time to prepare the meal and deliver it to you.

“We continue to serve, listen and please –

all to give our customers more options

to enjoy our meals how they want

while also helping them save time”

We guarantee you the ultimate convenience. You can place orders for all your meals, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Besides being convenient for people leading busy lives, we offer a wide assortment of an exciting menu to choose from. You can select anything of your choice, depending on your health needs and budget considerations. Our menu which is not only nutritious but also tasty has affordable meals. We are making constant effort to introduce more mouth-watering recipes for you from time to time.

Give us a call today!