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Healthy and Hearty

We aim high to create quality balanced food from fresh vegetables that will help you realise the dream of healthy eats leading to a healthy body and mind. We prepare simple, fresh yet delicious salad.

We offer 2 different salads, the chicken salad $4 and the Portuguese salad $2. The difference between the two is that the chicken salad has chicken strips         and the Portuguese salad has olives.

Grilled and stripped chicken; your salad’s bound to benefit from this delicious protein. We’ve rounded up the best lettuce, onions, green pepper and tomatoes and finished with our special Chicken Hut salad dressing so you can get your greens on every day of the week without ever getting bored.

Anyway, how long can we ramble about a salad before actually showing one? Well there you go our Chicken Hut chicken salad.

This salad is so great because its super filling, I mean what other magical powers should a salad possess? It possesses them, I assure you.

Our Portuguese salad has the same ingredients the only difference is the olives which substitute the chicken, and there you have it!

If you have any delicious salad ingredients or toppings you would want to share with us, let us know below.