Dynamic Business Franchising

Chicken Hut “Africa” Franchise Opportunities

We have decided to answer numerous calls from individuals and organizations who want to participate as business owners of the most trending “Chicken Hut” brand. 

Our Potential Partner

Any person legally permitted to run or invest in a business in our target market. Priority will be given to those with a passion to run a QSR, “Quick Service Restaurant” business and have the financial resources to fully fund the Capital Expenditure for the same.

The potential franchisee will be willing to subscribe Halaal standards, meaning no pork products and alcohol to be sold at any Chicken Hut stores among others.

Potential Franchisee

This is a serious process and franchises will be awarded only to committed individuals or organizations. The franchisee shall enjoy the opportunity to own and run a robust and exciting business with very high revenues and margins. While no formal academic and professional qualifications will be considered as a pre-requisite, you will need to demonstrate and prove financial capabilities to successfully open a full store. You must be a person or organization who subscribes to 5 star operations, as this is a middle to high end business. 

Virtual franchisee opportunities also available for diaspora and non residents. 

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  • Provide 5star QSR services to the legions of Chicken Hut 
  • You will market the brands well, in liaison with Head Office marketing personnel.
  • You are expected to manage your business well, applying acceptable corporate governance and ethical standards.
  • You will ensure that your shop’s ambiance is perfect
  • You will provide customer service excellence, manage your employees who are not Chicken hut corporate employees.
  • Manage your employees, who in essence, are your employees and not Chicken Hut corporate employees.
  • Your business must always be financially sound.
  • You must have experience in running a business either formally or informally, with a general appreciation of business principles.
  • You must know how to use a computer and basic knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • You must be willing to work hard and operate long hours, since most of our stores open up to 10pm and in some cases 12midnight or 24hrs, depending on the locations.
  • You are an owner and operator of a Chicken Hut store.
  • You must be financially, verifiably sound.
  • You must be credit worthy as you will be given credit on the market by virtue of association with the brands.
  • You must have over the top communications skills
  • You must be tolerant, patient, kind, humane and with empathy towards people in general.
  • You must be able to manage your workers effectively, providing a fun, while productive environment
  • You must be willing to share the Chicken Hut culture, which you will be furnished with, once shortlisted. We believe in all good things!
  • You must be a clean looking person whether you are running as an individual or representing an organization. 
  • You must be self-motivated and a self-starter.
  • You must be fully committed to the growth of the brands.
  • You need to be a hard worker.
  • All sites must be in viable affluent areas as a preference and in any event, our properties team will make sure that once a franchisee identifies a site, all the checks to ensure feasibility and suitability to house a successful Chicken Hut store which should ideally turnover between US$500K and US$1million per site, (ceteris paribus), are done by the book.
  • Franchisees will desist from making any representations that are not authorized in writing by Chicken Hut appointed and authorized executives
  • Any misrepresentations by the Franchisee shall result in cancellation of the entire Franchise agreement and legal action to claim any damages caused to the brands taken.
  • Once location has been approved, our development team will move in to deliver a perfect store for you within 12 weeks of site approval. You will be handed with a plug and play store.

More Franchising Information

  • Franchisees or their proxies will undergo comprehensive training on every aspect of Chicken Hut after payment of all fees. The training period shall be 2 months. While some of the training will be at Our head office, the bulk of it will be at one of our Branches.
  • The training period and commitment is not negotiable as this will determine your success and also the maintenance of our brands’ equity.
  • Operations Management
  • Customer service Excellence
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance
  • Stock Management
  • Financial Management
  • Risk and Loss control
  • Comprehensive Product Knowledge

Only after the Franchisee or their proxy has been Certified ready by our Head of Quality control and Head of Operations, will he/she be allowed to start running their business.

All heads of departments at Chicken Hut will sign off the opening of any franchise, acknowledging the readiness of the store to trade successfully, pulling in the expected revenues and profits alike. The full quality checklist will be done by the Head of Quality Control who is a Holder of Degrees in Food Science and Technology.

  1. Application fee US$2,500.00
  2. 50% refundable if franchisee potential applicant withdraws during the process  of application.
  3. Franchise fee is US$20,000.00, this fee will cover initial training, assistance in site selection and evaluation, initial legal cost and franchise agreement fees, assistance with lease negotiations together with pre opening and launch support. This fee is payable upfront and is non refundable after signature of franchise agreement. All work done in preparation up to signature of the agreement is covered by the franchise fee.
  4. establishment cost investment starting from US$200,000.00 plus VAT
  5. initial working capital (drive through US$30,000.00.) (Normal store US$20,000.00)