Customer experience- why it matters

Chicken Hut Zimbabwe is a pro digital Quick Service Restaurant operating in Harare, Kwekwe and Gweru with a new branch coming up in Victoria Falls in June 2020. We have been growing since 2016 and this is because we believe in great customer experience. We believe that great customer experience is owed to every customer who visits our shops, whether they want to buy or they want to check prices for future purchases which in most cases changes after the reception we give them, they end up buying.

With the economic challenges in Zimbabwe making more Zimbabweans live outside the country, we realized there was a bigger opportunity in connecting families together with those that remained home in Zimbabwe and we launched a Zimbabwean diaspora online ordering platform in December 2019. The first Africa diaspora food delivery service at the time. We want the families of the diasporians to feel the warmth of the love all the way from their loved ones abroad by delivering great food with a great customer experience. WHY? Because we value customer experience and we are the first fast food restaurant business in Zimbabwe to focus on great customer experience.

In the developed countries customer experience is a huge focus for many restaurants however Zimbabwean restaurants and many African restaurants are still lagging behind, except for South Africa which is Africa’s largest tourism hub. Becoming a strong and trusted brand is not an easy task that is why we focus on attention to detail. We focus on making sure our restaurants are clean and welcoming. Training our stuff for great customer service is key as they are the ones that can make or break a customers experience. We believe that a great customer experience is a great customer experience no matter how bad or good the economy is.

Its our vision to grow into the best leading Portuguese BBQ QSR globally and our mission to deliver exceptional Portuguese BBQ experience by growing an organization that promotes a healthier lifestyle for all our stakeholders. We believe this because we have positioned our brand as a healthier fast food food option offering grilled chicken as opposed to fried chicken in Zimbabwe, Before we get there we strive to create systems and operations aimed at giving our customers in Zimbabwe excellent customer experience and making sure those that buy for their loved ones from the diaspora will be happy as they get the best value for their money.