Chicken Hut not chickening out of investing

A bad environment makes business chicken from investing and open new outlets for fear they may be plucked of the little they have and a scorching hot and horrible economy will grill them out of business.

Perhaps it may have been with Chicken Hut. The Portuguese Chicken supremos have for a long time kept in their little hut with no expansion in sight, until now.

“The environment is different and we are seeing a lot of hope in a promising environment so we are expanding our operations,” says the chief operations officer Navhraj S Chauhan.

So with Zimbabwe being open for business, so too is chicken hut opening the doors to their hut and expanding to crow in other places around the capital and beyond.

“We are opening a lot of new outlets here in Harare and in October we will be going into Gweru and also Victoria Falls in a three phase roll-out. We are really excited about our expansion and we plan to send the taste of Chicken Hut around this country,” says Navhraj excitedly.

He should be. Chicken Hut are the home of sizzling Portuguese-style chicken, the galinha, made to perfection and soon to be a part of Zimbabwean eating tradition as it rolls out and expands and brings a taste of Portugal to the nation. With a presence in the United States, South Africa, Rwanda and India amongst other places, the Chicken Hut spoor is crossing all over the planet and leaving their marked taste and traditions while they are at it.

“We believe food is not just to make you full when you are hungry. It is an experience, it is good service and cleans service that will leave people with a good memory of their experience and that is what we offer,” says Navhraj.

The new outlet at Avondale Shopping Centre speaks to that tradition and created a sharp prototype of what they intend to roll-out around the country, most notably alongside Puma service Stations with whom they have struck an agreement.

Alongside a coffee shop franchise called Coffee Republik, the determination to invest in a new economic dispensation and their gargantuan appetite for success by Chicken Hut is palpable and can be seen in Navhraj’s eyes.

“We believe in fun and fresh products. That is why we are even rewarding our clients with a chance to win prizes including a trip for two to Zanzibar.”

Nobody would be too chicken to fly to Zanzibar for a getaway would they?