Enjoy our chicken burger to your heart’s content!

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Enjoy our chicken burger to your heart’s content!

A nice break from typical sandwiches. These chicken burgers are flavourful and delicious. Both our chicken burgers are served with regular fries.

We offer the Chicken Burger Combo which comprises of 1 chicken burger and regular fries. Our combo costs just $3, 50.

We also offer the Chicken Breast Burger Combo which is 1 breast burger and regular fries. This one costs only $4.

We maintain a constant commitment to sourcing fresh ingredients from similar thinking local producers, who deliver our ingredients daily.  We are devoted to freshness.

Chicken is grilled and then dunked in our flavourful Chicken Hut sauce and served with lettuce, onions and cheese which has an ‘extra $0, 50c’ cost and tomato on two slices of white burger buns.  It is absolutely delicious, and its generous size is good for sharing. Splitting it in half can be a bit messy so ask our friendly staff to cut it for you.

‘Stop in for a feast,

you won’t be sorry you did!’

We have love for the art of cooking, this is what sets us apart.  What are you waiting for? Head to the nearest Chicken Hut location and feast your eyes and stomach on the greatest chicken burger.

Visit us today your taste buds will thank you!